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A former minor league pitcher from South Carolina, Chris Snyder has appeared in THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER, BELLFLOWER, “Entourage”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Dawson’s Creek”.  Chris absorbed the Stratton Eiseley character intuitively, moving effortlessly between languid down-and-out Stratton and charismatic leader.  A creative turning-point came when we needed to shoot at the mountain camp before it was prepped.  Chris took charge, using the situation as an opportunity to further study his character… pitching tents, hauling supplies, and working alongside the crew.  He fully embraced the can-do cowboy ethic of Montana. sunset slots online casino

Jolene Andersen got her start in fashion modeling and made her debut in a leading role with the part of Gracie Loren in THE LAST BEYOND.  She’s since had noteworthy roles on “Criminal Minds,” “The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” and starring opposite Julian Sands in the short film THE GOOD LIFE.  Jolene came in with a passion; she knew this was a part she had to play.  Her audition revealed she had the emotional depth to pull off the part of Gracie; beneath the character’s irreverence is no small amount of pain, and Jolene got that.  Once we put her and Chris together the sparks flew, and we knew we had the makings of great on-screen chemistry.

A member of the Crow and Blackfeet tribes, Noah Watts has appeared in THE SLAUGHTER RULE with Ryan Gosling, SKINS directed by Chris Eyre, THE DOME OF HEAVEN with Wes Studi, and most recently starred as the voice of lead character Connor Kenway in the game ASSASSIN’S CREED III.  Casting Joe began like a Don Quixote mission.  A week into the shoot, we were pushing his scenes back, no Joe on the horizon.  When finally we found Noah and he arrived from LA that first day with his biggest scene scheduled, we hoped we hadn’t lain too much at his feet.  Having just read the script on the flight out, he stepped on set and was brilliant.  From that first word, Noah became Joe, the quiet rock of the group, its fiercely loyal anchor.

Stephen Small Salmon embodied the eccentric medicine man Flying Bear impeccably for his feature debut in THE LAST BEYOND.  An elder on the Salish-Kootenai reservation, Stephen is a storyteller, singer and traditional dancer.  He also teaches children the Salish language at the Nkwusm Institute.  Stephen’s a very charismatic man: an actor, jokester and profound spiritual leader, like Flying Bear.  Most of the time Flying Bear clowns around, not taking life so seriously, yet he’s the spiritual core of the group.  You can tell he knows something we don’t know.  With an uncannily innate sense of character, Stephen flourished as Flying Bear. usa online gambling site

Lyn Moncrief studied cinematography at the American Film Institute and has shot the feature films STILLWATER, ASYLUM SEEKERS, COLD STORAGE, MANGUS!, and MIDNIGHT SON.  Lyn pairs a dramatic aesthetic eye with a keen ability to land stunning shots on a tight budget.  Much of designing a period film’s sensory composition lies in the hands of the cinematographer.  As Graham’s directing style relies heavily on subtleties of mood and a painterly aesthetic, creating just the right visual tone was critical to pulling off THE LAST BEYOND.  Graham and Lyn had an effortless relationship on set, consistently in tune when setting up and lighting shots.  Lyn captured our characters, including the epic Montana landscape, beautifully.

Gordy Haab is a classically trained composer with recently completed original scores for the highly anticipated LucasArts video games “Star Wars: The Old Republic” and “Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings,” the feature films BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON, DAVE BARRY’S GUIDE TO GUYS (with John Cleese), 3 BELOW (with Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine), and the documentary AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.  Gordy co-founded the Novo Philharmonic Orchaestra, a 95 member rock/pop/film orchestra in Los Angeles comprised of some of the world’s most cutting edge musicians.  Gordy expanded the scope and feel of the THE LAST BEYOND with his score, masterfully blending sweeping orchestral pieces with traditional Native American and folk music cues.  His music reveals the heart of the film. visa online casinos

A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Adam Sanborne is a songwriter and composer of unconventional scores and cutting-edge sound design.  Adam’s music has been featured on ABC, FOX and MTV, in shows such as “Robot Chicken”(Cartoon Net) and “Starting Over” (NBC).  Adam has also developed distinct sound mnemonics for logos branding companies such as Atari, Midway Games, Staples and Archipelago.  To capture the essence of some of the more spiritual and abstract sequences in the film, we turned to Adam and his unique approach to score.  After spending time in the studio experimenting with ideas, Adam composed striking pieces that set to music what is difficult to describe in words. trusted us online casino

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